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If you’ve paid for a PCA Membership:

  • NO refunds given



Entry Fee:

If you’ve registered for a show:

  • No refunds given


I’ve made a mistake on my application; how do I correct my mistake?


Backstage Services:

I've paid a deposit for MUA but now pulled out from the show, can I have a refund?

  • No refunds given

I've paid a deposit for tanning, can I get a refund?

  • Deposits for tanning are non-refundable, full payments are refundable up until 14 days prior to the show. If before 14 days please complete the refund request form here:


Spectator Tickets:

Tickets are non refundable as of April 1st 2022, if a refund form is completed after this date no refund will be actioned now or in future.

Transfer Requests:

If you can no longer do the show you originally registered for and wish to move to a later show in 2022 without losing your entry fee, you must complete a transfer request form selecting the new show date you wish to be moved to.

complete the form here:

Class Change:

If you have selected the incorrect class to compete in, you must complete the class change form.

complete the form here:

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