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Drug Tested Event

PCA Natural Championships – BANNED SUBSTANCES


The PCA Natural Championships ‘Rules for Doping Control’ are in line with WADA guidelines.


The event takes the use of performance and image enhancing drugs very seriously and has strict guidelines for eligibility to compete.


Athletes who take part in the ‘PCA Natural Championships’ event are subject to drug testing by biological sampling (urinalysis/ blood/ hair sampling/ polygraph test). 


To be eligible to compete in the PCA ‘Natural Championships’ Tested event, athletes must have: NEVER have used any substance featured on the WADA Prohibited substances list. 


All competing athletes must adhere to the prohibited substances and methods list -

Banned Substances


The use of performance and image enhancing drugs for this contest are strictly prohibited.


Exemption for Medical Circumstances: Any use of prescription only medication requires an application for exemption and documentary proof must be provided in advance.


It is not the responsibility of any PCA official to recommend any substance or product to any member, or to confirm to any member that any such product is allowable either in or out of competition. This underscores the importance of athletes taking personal responsibility for the substances they use.


Drug Testing and Polygraph Procedures: Once a drug test and/or a polygraph has been requested of an athlete, the subsequent procedure and administration will be carried out by the relevant officials, who will refer the results back to the PCA accordingly.


Supplements: Athletes are reminded to be mindful that some supplements may contain prohibited substances. Not all supplements are made with natural bodybuilders in mind. Athletes are responsible for any supplements/substances consumed. If an athlete is unsure about the classification of any substances/compounds present in a supplement, they are advised to consult the WADA code and reference against the GLOBAL DRO website. 


⁃            GLOBAL DRO


This information emphasises the importance of athletes being aware of and responsible for the substances they consume, whether through supplements or medications, and the procedures for seeking exemption in case of medical necessity.


If you have any further questions or need additional information, feel free to ask.

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